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Passion and family are the driving forces behind the Quiver & Co. Brand

Quiver & Co. was founded by Johan and Elfie Kotze whose family have farmed in Central Namibia for generations. In the old days, horse and ox drawn wagons were used to make the long and treacherous pilgrimage to the Etosha pans every year, to harvest valuable salt-lick for their cattle. On the journey, anticipation would grow and tales of danger, like spending long nights in the veld surrounded by lions, were commonplace.

Just as their forefathers explored Namibia, the Kotze’s passed on this appreciation and reverence of the stunningly stark and captivating game rich plains with their kids. Camping under the mesmerising, starry Namibian sky is a Kotze family tradition. These adventures led them to uncover the best hidden gems that Namibia has to offer and subsequently became the locations of all Quiver & Co. properties.

This intimate knowledge of the natural beauty that Namibia has to offer, along with the desire to share their love of hospitality, has inspired the Kotze’s to cultivate the Quiver & Co. Brand.
The brand is now a second generation run business with their daughter Melanie and her husband, Daniël joining the legacy. The Kotze family pride themselves on kinship. This authenticity cannot be fabricated or reproduced as the location of each lodge holds a truly special memory to the family. With every stay, each guest feels the warmth and passion, ensuring an unforgettable Namibian experience.

Just like the iconic quiver tree, which struggles to be cultivated under man-made circumstances and only flourishes in nature, expect an incredibly authentic Namibian experience that cannot be manufactured.

When staying at any of the Quiver & Co. establishments, you will arrive as a guest and leave as a member of the family.

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Featured Quiver & Co. Lodges

Driftwood Guesthouse


A stone’s throw from the beach. Spacious, personal, tranquil and unique are words best suited to describe Driftwood Guesthouse. Get the true Swakopmund experience but escape the hustle and bustle of staying in the town centre

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Olive Grove Guesthouse


Located in a quiet and peaceful area close to the Windhoek city centre, Olive Grove is the ideal location to add a bit of comfort and luxury before starting and finishing your journey through Namibia.

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Swakopmund Sands


Swakopmund Sands, on the platinum mile, is within walking distance along the beach leading directly into town. We offer 24-hour secure parking so that your vehicle is secure while you explore the town on foot.

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Toshari Lodge


Nestled on an outcrop of dolomite rocks, under a forest of Mopane and white Seringa trees, Toshari Lodge offers affordable but enchanting accommodation close to Etosha National Park, one of Namibia’s major attractions.

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